Lisa Hamilton, SeeWantShop

Closet of the Month

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It all started when...

Lisa Hamilton is the creator of SeeWantShop, an Australian-based digital destination for all things travel, lifestyle, fashion & beauty. She began her journey back in 2011 when she was on a trip to London and fell in love with the idea of fashion blogging. Seven years on, SWS brings "together a likeminded community that is inspired by others, it encourages us to be the best possible versions of ourselves". 


  1. Piece you can't live without? A great fitting pair of jeans.

  2. Worst fashion trend? Tracksuit pants and heels.

  3. What advice (beauty or professional related) you'd give to your younger self? Never compare yourself to others.

  4. Best business tip / advice? Find your own niche.

  5. Advice to someone wanting to start a blog... Be prepared to work hard, commit 100% and don’t expect overnight success. Be individual, don’t try and imitate what is already out there. Engage with your audience and be yourself.

All the proceeds from Lisa's rentals will go to the HUMM Foundation, click here to apply.